SMCSL | research network

The SMCSL is a research network (“Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk”) funded by the DFG that investigates the semantics and metasemantics of context-sensitive language. It will host 6 workshops at the home institutions of its members, addressing the following research questions: How widespread is semantic context-sensitivity? How should the semantics of context-sensitive expressions be construed? Which methods are suitable to determine whether an expression is context-sensitive? Which aspects of the context have an influence on the semantics of context-sensitive expressions?

Upcoming workshops:

Variables and the (Meta)semantics of Context-­Sensitivity

Universität Wien, 24–25 September 2019


  • Daniel Büring (Wien)
  • Michael Glanzberg (Chicago)
  • Emanuel Viebahn (Berlin)
  • Karen Lewis (New York)
  • Poppy Mankowitz (Lisbon)
  • Thomas Ede Zimmermann (Frankfurt)
  • Sarah Zobel (Tübingen/Oslo)